Recipes from a Vegan Gluten-Free Kitchen

About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting What Katy Cooks. Welcome!


I’m Katy. I’m 26 and live in West Sussex.




I’ve been vegetarian all my life, inheriting my parent’s strong values for animal rights. In March 2015, my family and I went to ‘Veg Fest’ in Brighton where we all sat through an eye-opening talk on the dairy industry. From then on, we slowly started addressing what filled our fridge and cupboards replacing items with plant-based alternatives.


People often ask what I get tempted by or crave by following a plant-based diet. In my opinion, veganism should not be about giving anything up. If I do miss a particular food, there are so many alternatives to replace it with. It takes a bit of creativity with different foods but I never feel like I’m missing out on anything. Although I put animal welfare as my main reason for following this lifestyle,
I do believe following this way of life is about balance. It’s important to recognise other people’s commitments towards changing their lifestyle, however small.


I have coeliacs disease - even though I don’t consider it a disease, more of a severe food allergy. After 8 years of several failed biopsies and wrong opinions, I was diagnosed as coeliac at the age of 10. I vividly remember my mum taking me to the supermarket to shop for gluten-free food. It was bleak to say the least. Unfortunately, at the time, gluten-free food was extremely limited and had some questionable textures too. Thankfully, gone are the days of nervously taking your own pizza base to a restaurant and hoping for no tummy pain afterwards. I am very grateful that the awareness and availability of gluten-free food has rocketed, making it easier than ever to cook and eat out without gluten.


In 2015 I bought my own flat. Although small, the kitchen is definitely my favourite room and the larder (with an excessive amount of organised jars) is really the best part. I now live with my boyfriend Mike who I am so pleased to add is a really great cook.


This blog is an outlet for both keeping my recipes documented and showing others that vegan and gluten-free cooking can be really tasty, easy and super nourishing too.


I really hope you enjoy it!